how to survive high heels
Caution: heels are ok if sported occasionally but it makes foot vulnerable to injuries, also affects the body postures if worn for long duration over time.

Wellness in era of High heels @ International Women’s Day

Fabulous success stories come to fore on the eve of International Women’s Day every year! No doubts as to the demanding nature of work and rising pressures every role women is playing in different walks of life today. One battle all these women literally face is ensuring wellness in age of high heel!  Here in India, it’s start of wedding season is around the corner. Perfect attire and makeup can’t be complete with a pair of gorgeous high heels complementing it. Though heels are ok if sported occasionally but it makes foot vulnerable to injuries, also affects the body postures if worn for long duration over time.

All appreciate the few inches that heels gives to our heights, confidence and personality but the foot soreness or aches post that, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches quite literally holds true. High heels puts are ankle in a plantarflexed position,opens up the ankle mortise compromising ankle stability and escalating odds of unfortunate incidents.

Pain with high heels

High heelsc can lead to metatarsalgia

You tube is brimmed with videos of models or celebrities falling while walking on ramp or elsewhere with striking heels. Though the content is meant to be hilarious but oouch! It must be really hurting them bad. A fall is an untoward accident that may happen to anybody but heels add to the possibility of augmenting the damage especially with stilettos or pencil heels as block heels does not reduce the base of support to that extent as others.

The impact of high heels is not limited to the ankle but to the entire posture. As heel heights increased, the trunk flexion angle decreased significantly. Similarly, elecetromyography (EMG) of tibialis anterior and EMG of low back increased meaning that the alteration in the posture with heels amplified load on them and that they now have to work harder.

Not just that the vertical movement of the body center of mass increased significantly while walking with high-heeled shoes. Due to these added stresses, wearing of high heels should be avoided for longer duration.

Heels are here to stay, so what measures can be taken to avoid any detrimental effects and fully enjoy and look best. Here are some tips..Don’t wear them too long. Even if you have to wear it all day long, try to find out frequent breaks to take your feet out and let them rest like in your car.

If your day is done or when you finally remove your foot from the heels, dip your feet’s in warm water. Try this, it feels heavenly.

Give yourself a good foot massage it improves blood circulation and therefore release any soreness or pain in feet. A massage may also prevent formation of corns in feet.

Walk cautiously and a little slower to your free walking or comfortable walking speed. It adds to your panache and lessens your struggle with a walk in stilettos. Not to mention no one wishes to attract the embarrassment of falling in an entire public view.

Girls who are required to wear high heels on rather regular basis may opt for strengthening of lower limbs as muscles down the hips plays inevitable role in balancing strategies employed by body to prevent fall.

Be cautious while choosing high heels especially higher and thinner one as these may shift center of mass of body higher and reduce base of support at the same, augmenting chances of fall manyfolds.

These were tiny and do- able tips that can add a little more oomph to your entire look and confidence and give you an injury plus pain free foot with smart high heels.

So!! Get up girls look ravishing in your favourite pair of heels with a little care for your own foot.

Thus don’t just sit and look pretty, rather be out there and enjoy the entire event with flamboyance.


  1. Very nice , u r taking care of small things pain of which goes unseen.
    Appreciate, keep it up!,god bless.

  2. Great article. Thanks for information

  3. Great article..esp when wedding seasons there n with Indian attire one feel like wearing course it hurts..😣👡

  4. Nice article, awaring all the beautiful girls to take care of their foot & posture while enjoying their looks with heels. Thanks for sharing g8 information. Wish you all the best & looking forward to more informative articles 😊

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