Inappropriate handbags for women is an invitation to unending sufferings

Wisely chosen and used Handbag can save one from  pain in shoulder, elbow and neck

Love to flaunt designer handbags on a flexed or folded elbow? Be careful as it may let you end up with a sore neck, shoulder or elbow. This fashion statement aka elbow arm -hook -crook attitude sported by many Hollywood as well as Bollywood icons can be carried on days when you don’t have to hang it either for long ...

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Nurses @ GIPMER shows the way to collaborate for India’s Healthcare needs

GIPMER nurses interactive meet on 18 April 2017

Nurses play a vital role in all aspects of healthcare, be it national health campaigns like polio eradication, mid-wife services and community education. Their level of commitment and care are much valued in both urban and rural areas, including remote areas of the country. Their contribution is critical in the achievement of the nation’s healthcare goals. Their inputs into health ...

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World health day 2017, let’s talk out depression!

Best way to confront depression is to talk it out!

Health is being in a state of bliss physically, mentally and spiritually. Mental illnesses are emerging as a major cause of morbidity in our country. Human race today has advanced manifolds in medical sciences, talks of convergence and co-ordinated healing with all possible schools of medicine. But, nobody thought the pace at which the human evolution has progressed in past ...

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Early intervention key to autism care

2nd April is International Autism Awareness Day

World over there is growing consensus that the the most potent tool to effectively manage autism is to begin early. Autism that comes under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders is no longer an alien term. With constant and endless efforts to promote more awareness about the signs, symptoms associated with it and the fact that these can be managed ...

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CPR intervention can be life-saving

Act Fast

Kokilaben hospital, Mumbai have recently celebrated 8 glorious years in the healthcare sector. Apart from offering a committed and world class medical and post medical intervention to the national and overseas clients, this hospital have left no stone unturned to contribute to the corporate social responsibility. They conduct a total free of cost seminars and workshops to spread awareness to ...

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Developmental issues and symptoms with kids in formative days

Child playing artistic impressions with clay

The formative years in lives of children are the building block that sets the foundation of a happy and meaningful life-cycle. These years are joyful for parents, who labour hard to put everything together to ensure that their respective children grow-up in most health and holistic manner. However, it not uncommon among parents to slightly negligent and inadvertently commit mistakes ...

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Swings are fun and also handy to treat vestibular stimulus in children

Suffering falls and learning to rise and balance better is all about healthy kids

In India there is a old saying that children learn to grow with falls they suffer! In many ways, the saying is correct, even when one grows up and the fall shifts from playgrounds to corporate world. Here in the fifth article in this series,  having learned about the tactile and proprioception in the earlier posts, it’s time to learn ...

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Kids with misplaced sense of proprioception tend to get fussy, vulnerable to injuries

OT intervention helps attain sense of precopception Pic courtesy: Isha Foundation

Importance of experiencing a touch (tactile) sensation and organising those stimuli meaningfully as well as appropriately is the key to function optimally for kids. If not organised properly, it may hamper functioning or participation of a child with sensory processing disorders in few or more activities of daily living like brushing, bathing, wearing clothes, grooming etc. It may manifest in ...

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Kids with sensory processing disorders are hyper-meticulous about touch sensation?

Exploring basic sensations and its affect: Tactile (touch)

Many tiny receptors over and deep inside our skin help us understand the nature of the article that comes in contact. Not just that the temperature of that thing and also if that stimulus is painful or not, if it can be touched the same way the next time in the same manner or needs to be taken special care ...

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Children gain manifolds in daily lives with apt sensory diet

Children deserve joy of life (Pic-courtesy -UNICEF)

A sensory diet is a necessity for a child who is not able to maintain a certain level of alertness required for accomplishing daily living tasks. A sensory diet is like food for sensations. As nutritionist is to a diet plan, ensuring that just the right amount of nutrients are consumed by body for optimal functioning, an occupational therapist formulate ...

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Is ‘Sensory Diet’ must for every child?

For want of care at times need is of a well planned sensory diet

Have you ever heard a ‘sensory’ diet to better organise nervous system- not yet! in this first of the series article attempts to highlight that the manner in which an optimum food intake is necessary to meet the essential nutrients that keeps our body at harmony with all the organs (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver etc) working in an ...

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Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) umbrella

PDD Umbrella

Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) means presence of something aversive in the child during the growing years. Though it’s a neurological disorder, the exact aetiology/ cause behind it, is not known. There are many hypotheses that suggest that PDD like syndrome occur due to some defect in the functioning of temporal lobe of the brain, while other say it’s because of ...

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