India on birth anniversary fondly remembers its Peoples President, Missile Man of India- APJ Abdul Kalam

The President, Ram Nath Kovind with the children of “Dr. Kalam Sandesh Vahini Vision-2020” those who travelling by bus from Rameswaram to Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi on October 15, 2017.

Giving youngsters wings of fire to dream again to talk openly about the Gross National Happiness Quotient as the best indicator of development instead of the GDP- APJ Abdul Kalam connected with people of India and understood the aspirations and capabilities of young India!  Speaking on the occasion of the birth anniversary former President APJ Abdul Kalam Kalam, present President of India Ram ...

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ICONIC 2017 redefines Luxury

Amitabh Kant delivering inaugural address at the second edition of Iconic 2017 knowledge sessions and Awards in New Delhi

Experts at the second edition of the knowledge sessions and awards ‘Iconic-2017’ conducted by Red Hat Communication led by Jyoti Mayal gave an in-depth perspective into the strength of the inherent luxury elements in the India Tourism. Leading from the front, Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, highlighted the example of God’s Own Country- Kerala that in not very distant past was ...

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India will require firm resolve in implementation of GST

India Inc gets on the power mode to streamline transition to the GST regime

Much awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) will finally be a reality from midnight on 30th July 2017, which would radically change the way manufacturer, service provider, trader and eventually the consumer, pay taxes to the exchequer, both at the state and Central level, through a single levy, subsuming a plethora of indirect taxes and making India unified market.  What is GST?  ...

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Media must learn the art of withstanding pulls and pressures, says President 

The President, Pranab Mukherjee delivering the Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture in New Delhi on May 25, 2017.

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee delivered the Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture on 25 May 2017 in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, the President said that Ramnath Goenka embodied the finest virtues of journalism: fierce independence, fearlessness and a determination to always stand up to the powerful and fight against the abuse or misuse of power. In fact, there was nothing ...

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Tea lovers to relish the battle for serving freshest tea

Fresh black Darjeeling tea and many more varieties can now reach direct to consumers?

Kaushal Dugar, Founder & CEO of Teabox, a global direct-to-customer tea company, a Siliguri based start-up caters to tea-lovers around the world. In its aim to become the first ‘Made in India’ consumer-focused global brand, it is taking a lot of innovative steps. Talking to PWI’s consulting editor Sanjeev, Dugar explained the meteoric rise of company and how its approach has ...

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India is awakening to health benefits of Olive Oil: Bhasin

India has low per capita Olive Oil Consumption

There is a growing interest among 1.25 billion Indians to lead a healthy life and hence they all are seemingly keen on deriving health benefits from all possible day to day chores. Cooking Oil is one such ingredient that Indian households are aware can be a transformative force. Here, Rajneesh Bhasin, President, Indian Olive Association and MD, Borges India has ...

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Unconditional mother-son love defies kidney failure with organ donation

redefining mother-son bonding after kidney transplant

Love is divine and so powerful that can defy the end of life! It’s one such loving story, where unconditional love of a son, literally speaking, changed the course of critical illness of his mother, giving her a new lease of life. Usha Bajaj was feeling a bit delirious, when taken to the hospital for the very first time in ...

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Yoga is ancient Vedic gift to the world: J P Nadda

Leading from front- Union Health Minister JP Nadda on International Yoga Day 2017!

Word today is suffering because of rising prevalence of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases led primarily by problems of modern lifestyles. Decline in communicable diseases has been accompanied by a gradual rise in the prevalence of chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which now contribute to 60% of mortality. J P Nadda, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare in his at the ...

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Editor’s Pick: Sonia Gandhi and Selvi Jayalalitha are true Brand Ambassadors of Medical Value Travel Revolution in India

Health is so very crucial that it can bring a national political party, state administration, or even a nation to a standstill! The present instance of bad health of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Selvi Jayalalitha and a little earlier health issues of India National Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi made their respective followers fret. In fact, health has also been ...

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