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Honey and the Health Connect- explores Amit Anand, JMD, APIS India

Honey and its multifaceted Health benefits in eyes of 100 years old APIS India group scion Amit

Honey consumption is linked to good health and in recent times several brands have come forth with claims of serving pure honey. Far from that pitch to sell its own manufactured honey,young and dymanic NewGen entrepreneur Amit Anand, Joint Managing Director, APIS India penned down a guest write for elaborating on the benefits of use of honey over centuries and its benign ...

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For Gandhi Non-violence was akin to Swacchta and must for a healthy mind in a healthy body

Swachhata Hi Seva Movement

India’s decisive battle against cleanliness and hygiene has got a fillip through ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’, Cleanliness is Service, which draws attention to making sanitation a shared responsibility. Embedded in the idea of this top-up initiative to the already ongoing ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ (SBM) is a clear invocation for the masses to shun the entrenched notion that cleanliness is but the ...

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Is a nourishing Indian meal incomplete without Roti?

For health conscious there are several variants of Rotis, and one must  sample multi grain rotis in winters ahead

Food historians say that roti originated from Indus valley civilisation 5000 years ago. Roti has such prominence in India’s cuisine that a meal would be considered incomplete without a roti. Part of being Desi is appreciating Asian staple foods like roti or chapatti or as the Videshis call it ‘wheat flatbread’. How good these rotis taste especially when served right from ...

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Why promote breastfeeding?

Theme for World Breastfeeding week 2017: Sustaining Breastfeeding Together aims to create enabling enviornment

Breastfeeding has been a traditional practice for centuries together, why does it need to be promoted now…..One needs to ponder over it!! Breastfeeding lays a sound foundation for healthy life during infancy/child-hood as well as the later years of life. Every child needs to be provided adequate nutrition, care, protection, love and affection for his/her proper growth and development. As per WHO and UNICEF, breastfeeding must be initiated within the first hour of ...

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India’s ‘UIP’ to up fight against pneumonia: Nadda

India strives to ensure affordable healthcare for all- Nadda

In 2014, Modi Government made a promise to the people of India, to safeguard their health, to provide the men, women, and children of this country the best chance to survive and thrive. One of the key initiatives was to protect as many of our children against as many diseases as possible, with the introduction of new vaccines into the Universal ...

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Tobacco – a threat to development

World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco usage – a major hurdle undermining developmental gains worldwide, is the foremost preventable cause of premature morbidity/ mortality. Tobacco products contain nearly 5000-7000 toxic substances, the most dangerous being nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Cigarette, bidi, cigar, hookah, sheesha, tobacco chewing, clove cigarettes, snuff and e-­cigarette are the commonly used forms. WHO reports highlight that each year, direct tobacco usage/secondhand smoke kills nearly six million individuals; ...

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Healthy snacks boost immunity


Its a permanent guilt that hit ones mind every now and then after eating unhealthy snacks- almost on daily basis. But, one is left defenceless, when that hunger strikes in between meals and lead one into sinful snacking of sorts. If one knew that there exists option if healthy snacks that boosts the immunity system naturally, the life with snacks ...

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AIIMS GOES DIGITAL pulls out The First Digital Revolution in Public Health Care


Guest Article| V. Srinivas*  Building strong Institutions is one of the major objectives of Good Governance. The Digital India initiative represents a landmark in ushering in the First Digital Revolution in Health Care at AIIMS. The successful implementation of the AIIMS e-Hospital Project and the AIIMS OPD Transformation Project, transformed AIIMS to India’s first fully digital public hospital. In 16 ...

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Dignity in Mental Health

Dignity in Mental Health Guest Write-Up | Dr. Smita N. Deshpande* The ideal concept of health encompasses physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Physical health without enjoying full mental health, leads to loss of social and spiritual health as well. India has a large population of people affected with mental disorders. At least twenty people per every thousand are thought to ...

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