Recent success at Box Office- Bhadhai Ho film leaves many important messages for families...Seen in Pic is a poster!
Recent success at Box Office- Bhadhai Ho film leaves many important messages for families...Seen in Pic is a poster!

Badhaai Ho is Bollywood’s best message to chose family planning, right contraceptive option and much more

Badhaai Ho is a fun movie, full of sarcasm and intended puns revolving around a moment of passion for a (elderly) couple that turned out to be their nightmare and entertain for few hours for the viewers. All the characters had put best of their energies in carving out and justifying their role. Surekha sikri who played paternal grand mother to Ayushman Khurana deserves a special mention for portraying  the character of loving and caring mother and a grand mother while a nagging mother-in-law at the same time. Everything in the film was kept so middle class.

A mother ready to risk her own life for the sake of her unborn child. All the jargons used kept the movie so realistic.

Amiss precautionary measure can lend one in soup. This is not important just for the elderly couple portrayed in the movie but every such couple who cannot or does not want or is not ready to enjoy the fruit of their passionate fiesta.There are numerous options these days to choose the right contraceptive option for male and female partner.

This movie also wonderfully depicted the embarrassment felt by Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao while sharing the good news with the family members and society at large.

Though old age pregnancies are not a novel phenomenon, at least in India (just once picture your grand or great grandfather pedigrees. I’m sure you must have got my piece of mind, like what I’m trying to say). Advancement in the medical science makes it easier for women to deliver a healthy child even if conceived at a later stage of active reproductive life. I guess this can be called a new kahani ghar ghar ki as career and a better standard of living has become a priority in women’s life as well. Getting one’s ova (eggs) preserved, aka called Fertility Preservation is a way to go. Former Miss World Diana Hayden delivered a healthy child at age of 42 years as result of this medical science miracle (can it be called anything less).  IVF and surrogacy are measures that can be followed if their some medical complicacy in the reproductive system of any want to be parents individual but this technique allows a couple to experience the entire journey dovetailed in a way as normal as would have been at a younger age.

It’s time to come forward and take a step ahead to freely talk about options to enjoy a happy married life and motherhood to an expert in the field and choose options for a healthier lives and a planned future.

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