Bungee Jump is perfect for youth who wanna win!
Can a Bungee Jump lead to self re-discovery? Try One it stays etched in the memory for long and instills self confidence that can conquer all! Take the Bungee Challenge!

Youth should embrace Bungee Challenge; shun Kiki, Momo, or Blue whale misadventures

UNESCO defines Youth as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our interdependence as members of a community. For sure – Youth is a more fluid category than a fixed age-group and in simple words is best explained as best part of a humans life cycle.

In todays digitally connected world, Youth – have been put to untoward misadventures. Parents world over had been put on an overzealous guard mode with life threatening web based spread of Blue Whale Challenge followed up Kiki Dance Challenge and more recently the Momo Challenge!

Rishikesh has India's biggest bungee jump facility by Jumpin Heights

Niharika Nigam, Director Business Development at Jumpin Heights

But, then youth know better, what it wants and here in an exclusive interaction with PWi– a young dynamic Niharika Nigam, Director Business Development at Jumpin Heights agrees with the jovial nature of youth and disagree with the notion that youth are bound to go astray in todays digital era!

To gratify youth quest for the adrenalin rush in a meaningful and constructive manner- Niharika feels the youth can easily take on the Bungee Jump Challenge!  “For a long time, people weren’t aware of adventure sports in India. The feel of adrenaline rush and ultimate excitement was out of the sight till the breathtaking experience was brought to India by Jumpin Heights. The West has already been involved in adventure sports for some time and now Jumpin Heights has pioneered that movement into India. Especially, Indian youth is getting inclined towards adventure sports as the buzz around mental health is on the rise. This is compelling them to undertake this sport,” said Niharika.

“Jumpin Heights has come up as the industry leader and established India’s highest Bungy, India’s most extreme giant swing, and Asia’s longest flying fox right in the adventure capital of India- Rishikesh. The aspirations of companies like Jumpin Heights in giving world-class adventure sports experience and adding value to tourism has compelled the government to declare 2018 as the year of adventure sports,” she adds.

Niharika prescription for Bungee Challenge for youth is scientific as she rightly believes that its when one overcomes ones fear and dare for a real adventure, that feeling doesn’t just fill the heart with the joy of accomplishment but makes ones willpower a million times stronger so that one can withstand all hard situations and come out with flying colours!

Safety First @ Jumpin Heights!

Safety First @ Jumpin Heights!

Also, she points out that studies across the world have shown that physical and mental health of the daredevils who took up adventure sport increased multifold! “Most of the patrons who have undergone the sport at the adventure site of Jumin Heights have termed it as an absolutely memorable experience with excellent safety standards and processes. Standing on the edge gives a new outlook and perspective and the confidence it gives to the jumper is tremendous: They usually go back with even greater determination to succeed in life, because this experience reminds them of what winning at life feels like,” avers Niharika.

If you have read till here, the two obvious question that are likely to arise are addressed below by Niharika.

PWi: Who can take the Bungee Jump? What are the fitness requirements that Jumpin Heights ensure and all its patrons must possess?

Niharika: What separates Extreme Adventure Sports from a lot of other skill-based activities, is that it goes beyond the physical

Experts @ Jumpin Heights are specialist in their domain and comprises of expatriate diving experts, ex-military servicemen and other trained personnel.

Experts @ Jumpin Heights are specialist in their domain and comprises of expatriate diving experts, ex-military servicemen and other trained personnel. Seen in picture is an safety drill!

realm and is at the root of it, a battleground for the mind. They mainly revolve around the power of the mind and require an immense amount of will.  However, like with anything in life, a healthy, fitter body, allows the experience to be experienced better. Due to its extreme nature, this sport has a certain set of requirements which should be ensured before signing up for the sports. As per the Jumpin Heights Safety standards,

The Max age permitted for people to opt for these sports is 40, and weight limit is 110 kgs. People with any kind of injuries viz. back or neck injuries, recent fractures, any bone dislocation or osteoporosis, High blood pressure, cardiac patients, epilepsy, and asthma patients and pregnant women are not allowed to take the jumps, as ensured by Jumpin Height. All Adventure Sports enthusiasts are made to sign a waiver form, disclosing any medical conditions they may have, to the crew and the jump staff beforehand.

PWi: Tell us about the class safety protocol and equipment deployed at Jumpin Heights?

Niharika: Every process of all the adventure sports at Jumpin Heights are performed under the supervision of technically qualified extreme adventure sports experts from New Zealand.

Technically Qualified Jump Masters with years of experience of operating adventure sports in New Zealand ensures the safety protocols at the Rishikesh site of Jumpin Heights. Not just this, deployment of world-class equipment and regular practice of safety drills also make the adventure sports at Jumpin Height completely safe. What further makes it the safest option is complete procedure supervision by ex-Army officers, that own and run the show. 

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