Domestic Tour Operators and Domestic Tourism
As members of the Association Of Domestic Tour Operators on 11 August 2018, most important thing is to ensure that ADTOI wins with a fair, clean, transparent election and the winning candidates further the cause of Domestic Tour Operators and Domestic Tourism

Rebellion @ ADTOI to lead to a mixed house in term 2018-2020?

Members of the Association Of Domestic Tour operators on 11 August 2018 are set to choose a new team seemingly from the old team that split! One of the must win contest is for the post of President as PP Khanna supported by his Team Progressive stands for his second term against the rebellion led by Rajat Sawhney with his Team Innovative Members First.

Having run the previous term with one convention at Vishakhpatnam, new chapters and numerous number of activities, networking events and FAMs– there seems to an hint of advantage for PP Khanna running for the second term. 

He has voiced various concerns on domestic tourism in run up to this contest, although one very important thing that Team Progressive has forgotten is that Khanna came in at a time ADTOI  has just come out of a protracted legal battle that had led to erosion of the credibility of the association itself. Thus, putting up after that episode was tough and due credit goes to the President to have steered the association clear of controversies into the mainstream again.

But, then Rajat Sawhney here too has nerves of steel! He had literally emerged from the ashes, when he was driven to the extent of extinction from the association as part of disciplinary committee findings for having stepped out of the rule book and responsibilities accorded on to office bearers. It was difficult to have risen from that position to be the Vice President in 2016-18 term, unless the members had not reposed faith in him. A credible share of achievements that give Khanna an advantage were also not possible without Rajat Sawhney serving as VP in the same team.

Sawhney has been involved as a decision maker in ADTOI for a long time, but surely have surprised many by putting in a rebellion!

In my opinion, the rebellion @ ADTOI is likely to lead to a mixed house, with top two positions skewed in favour of the Team Progressive, while Harjinder Singh from Team Innovative Members First is making a strong case of harnessing the anti-incumbency factor on back of his efforts to up the offline ante against OTAs thereby not let past GS serve a second term. All other post are in for a tight fight, with even two independent in foray for post fo EC. 

But, then opinions are different from the manner in which members elect their team of office bearers in a tight contest on each position. However, the most important thing is to ensure that ADTOI wins with a fair, clean, transparent election, which produces results that all deem to be reached through electoral exercise.

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