ItzEazy a Delhi based Start-up
ItzEazy a Delhi based Start-up talks on Importance of Marriage Registration Certificate

Delhi based start-up offering doorstep documentation talks of importance of Marriage Registration certificate

In new India, citizens may eventually get essential government documentation at their door step; while as of today most of us find it hectic business. But, then the private sector has to think more advance and look at meaningful opportunities while it aims to add convenience to lives of people, while fulfilling lacunae that persist in present eco-system.

ItzEazy, a Delhi based tech startup is doing just that and is working towards making Government documents easy, efficient and accessible. The start-up has developed a successful model for the sector within 3 years since its inception by solving a tough and real problem and bringing documentation process to literally speaking at the consumers doorstep. ItzEazy focuses on quality of service and maintaining due confidentiality.

One such are that ItzEazy works on here is the Marriage Registration.

According to Himanshu, a techie by qualification and founder of ItzEazy platform- Marriages in India is often considered as sacred ceremony, but couples often realise that marriage gets due legal recognition by registration only when some need arises such as passport renewal or visas etc until then it is put into backburner.

Himanshu, Founder, ItzEazy

Himanshu, Founder, ItzEazy

“Most couple are ignorant about the importance of marriage registration as an important instrument for the protection of wives rights. Mandatory registration helps prevent child marriage, fraud, bigamy and husbands deserting their wives. It is particularly helpful for women seeking their rights as wives. Even when some conscious couples attempt to get their marriage registered, the lengthy and complex process further demotivates them. Realising the problem area, ItzEazy has expanded services to help such couples for easing their woes to access certificates without undergoing the baffling process at the court and registrar office,” adds Himanshu.

According to him benefits of marriage registration are numerous. “Certificate of marriage is useful in getting the visa for the spouse who is living abroad. Certain countries may deny the spouse a work permit on the grounds that no marriage certificate is available. For applicants whose spouse is a foreign citizen and the name needs to be included in the passport, submitting marriage certificate with the passport application is mandatory,” highlights Himanshu.

“Even in case of a divorce, legal separation, alimony, or custody of children, its is been observed that courts may insist on seeing the marriage certificate in order to decide how to split the property or inheritance among the spouses. Even when  couples wish to operate a joint bank account together, they need to show their marriage certificate to their bank in order to avail this facility. In case couples are looking to take bank loans where one partner is a co borrower, most banks require them to produce the marriage certificate as a proof of relationship between the borrowers. This holds good even when you intend to take a home loan from a banking institution and list your spouse as a co borrower,” he adds.

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