MSIF on World MS Day 2018- has chosen the theme 'research'.
MSIF on World MS Day 2018- has chosen the theme 'research'.

World MS Day 2018 calls to bring global MS community together

In 2009, MSIF and our members initiated the first World MS Day and have reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world, with a campaign focusing on a different theme each year. World MS Day is the MS movement’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the condition, and to support and connect the 2.3 million people living with it worldwide.

World MS Day is officially marked on 30 May. Events and campaigns take place throughout the month of May. It brings the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

The World MS Day 2018 campaign is called ‘Bringing Us Closer’ and the theme is Research. MSIF provides a toolkit of free resources to help everyone to take part in World MS Day. Anyone can use these tools, or make their own, to create positive change in the lives of more than 2.3 million people around the world.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) day highlights the struggle of so many people affecting with the chosen theme “research” as there is still a long way to go to find a breakthrough treatment option for this debilitating disease.

An auto- immune disorder affects the brain and spinal cord (Central Nervous System). Often progressive in nature and more common in females. The symptoms can range from a sense of numbness often felt in the beginning. This can persist for hours or day together. Double vision or blindness, muscle weakness, incoordination, difficulty while walking and poor balance, difficulty speaking, frequent change in mood and behaviour are other common symptoms. The disease is picked up on MRI as multiple lesion of white matter in brain, supported with the symptoms like above.

Though disease modifying drug therapy followed by a team comprising physiotherapist, occupationaltherapist,speech therapist,psychologist.


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