Latex Pillow is best among other pro wellness pillows that keep CS pain away! Pic Courtesy: MM Foam.
Latex Pillow is best among other pro wellness pillows that keep CS pain away! Pic Courtesy: MM Foam.

Which pillow helps people keen to fight Cervical Spondylosis?

A good night sleep is inevitable to kick start another day absolutely afresh! Though quite simple it might seem but people do struggle to get a sound sleep. Mental state of mind might hinder falling asleep. Daily experience like anxiety for an exam or presentation or result tomorrow morning, or feeling mundane for some reason like undesirable or uninvited event in life or some health condition can hamper sleep. A simple initiative to sleep in proper position over a proper mattress and a pillow underneath neck can be helpful.

Since we have got great response on our earlier post #Cervical Spondylosis (CS) is a health hazard- if ignored!; our readers were inquisitive to know more about the pillows that could be used in CS.

There are so many pillows to choose from. The general things that have to be kept in mind while choosing a pillow like the material, size and shape.

Readymade pillows come in various sizes (small, medium or large) designed ergonomically that suit most people.

Common material used in pillow is cotton, feather, latex, cotton, polyester and foam. Commercially these are available under different brands and names (our intention is not to promote any particular brand).

Out of the aforementioned materials, a randomised trial has found out that latex is the most efficacious option to manage symptoms of CS like pain in neck, stiffness, headache and pain/heaviness in arms, neck or shoulder region. Different shapes that are available these days are neck contoured with or without centre cavity and a wedge extension, C- shaped, bone shaped, cervical pillow with trapezoid centre cavity or flat base which gently cradles the head and supports the next in its natural position while lying on back or lying sideways. 

Just like mattresses that are filled with different matter like air, gel or water filled; similarly pillows can be water, air or gel filled. While choosing the pillow some aspects are required to be kept in mind so that pillow provides just right amount of firmness. For example, water filled pillow provides controlled firmness but weight heavy (directly proportional to the amount of water filled). One of the most frequently pillow used is the memory pillow. These take the shape of the neck contours and provide comfort and rest to the musculature around neck.

Do keep these points in mind while ordering or purchasing the most suitable pillow for self and continue to have a sound and healthy sleep!!


  1. Thanks for such informative article advising to select the right pillow as CS is the most common problem among most of the people nowadays.we must take care of our posture in pillow to avoid CS.

  2. I will be changing my pillow…as not getting good sleep these days… Will be trying for sure different types of pillows suggested .

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