Detox for better health  with Borges Apple Cider Vinegar
Detox for better health with Borges Apple Cider Vinegar

Borges mantra for Healthy Living: Apple Cider Vinegar

Popular as an excellent health potion and often used as a detox drink, apple cider vinegar is made from apple or cider must or juice. The fermentation process to make this vinegar is carried out by live bacteria which lead to the production of acetic acid in its natural form. Being rich in acetic acid, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, apple cider vinegar is a powerful healing potion and is known to treat acidity, indigestion, high cholesterol, headache and many other conditions. It is immensely popular as an ideal ingredient for weight management and diabetes. Most frequently consumed with water, 1 tbsp of Borges apple cider vinegar with the mother is supposed to be added and stirred in a glass of water once/twice a day.

The product is packaged in a unique glass bottle and can be used for upto 36 months. The glass bottle packaging lends a better shelf life and provides better product protection.

USP of Borges Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

·         Is made from organically harvested apples; 100% natural and raw

·         Unfiltered vinegar in its Natural form

·         Undergone No Processing

·         Contains ‘Mother’ which is the collection of Enzymes, minerals, vitamins & Acetobacter

·         No Heating: so all Enzymes, Vitamins & Minerals INTACT

·         The “Mother” of the Vinegar bears all the vitamins, minerals & enzymes associated with the health benefits



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