Israel medical convention underway @ ICC Jerusalem- photo by Arnon Bossani
Israel medical convention underway @ ICC Jerusalem- photo by Arnon Bossani

Israel Medical Convention puts focus on cannabinoid research and policy @ ICC Jerusalem

The welcome tradition of hosting the Israel Medical Convention continued also this year in ICC Jerusalem. Among the important issues for discussion this year were latest developments in the field of cannabinoid research and medical policy related to it. Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, a Hebrew University researcher widely regarded as “the father of cannabinoid research,” presented latest studies on the subject.  Among the speakers were the Minister of Health Rabbi Yakov Litzman; Director General of the Hadassah medical CenterProfessor  Zeev Rotstein and many more senior officials from various medical centers.

The International Cannabinoid Research Society (The oldest scientific society dedicated to the research in the cannabis plant) announced that the ‘International Symposium on the Cannabinoids in 2021‘ will take place at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Conventions & Visitors Bureau (JCVB), which operates under the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA).

The event will be hosted by the Hebrew University’s Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research, which is the leading center in Israel for conducting and coordinating research on cannabinoids, endocannabinoids and medical Cannabis. The ICRS Symposium is considered the most important conference in the field of cannabinoids research. The conference brings together the leading researchers from the international scientific community and presents the latest and most up-to-date research in the field.

The International Symposium will mark Prof. Mechoulam’s, widely regarded as “the father of cannabinoid research”, 90th birthday in his home town of Jerusalem.

ICC Jerusalem CEO, Mira Altman with the 'Leading The Cannabis Revolution' poster in the background

ICC Jerusalem CEO, Mira Altman with the ‘Leading The Cannabis Revolution’ poster in the background

“As the largest and leading conference center in Israel, the Jerusalem ICC looks forward to hosting this important conference aimed at bringing international researchers together to improve human health and well-being,” said Mira Altman, CEO of the International Convention Center (ICC) in Jerusalem.

“Bringing this global symposium to Jerusalem emphasises the ongoing collaboration between multiple institutions including the JCVB, ICC, and MCCR. This partnership was only possible with the shared vision in highlighting the city’s potential as a leading scientific conference destination. Jerusalem offers an ideal setting to host over 400 global researchers, to learn and promote the exchange of scientific information and gain new perspectives about Cannabis,” said Ilanit Melchior, Director of Tourism in Jerusalem.

Prof. Cecilia Hillard, Executive Director of the ICRS, said: “The board of directors of the International Cannabinoid Research Society is very pleased that our 31st annual meeting will be held in Jerusalem in 2021.  Jerusalem holds a special place in the history of the science of cannabis and the endocannabinoids. Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University was the first to publish the structure of the active principal of cannabis, THC and was also the first to identify an endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide.”

Last month at ICC Jerusalem Pharmaseed Company held an event titled as “Practicalities in Cannabis research and clinics“. During this event recent clinical tests of cannabis have been reviewed and a discussion has been held on the means of monitoring on different plant species and methods of use for different populations

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