Sula plans to Eclipse premium whisky market

Sula plans to ‘Eclipse’ the premium whisky market

On track to sell a million cases of wine in 2018, the Nashik based, Indian winemaker- Sula Vineyards (Sula) has clearly shown the world the ambition it has to be a leader with diversified range of offerings in the business of spirits. Indeed! Sula is dead serious about the brand expansion. Having successfully ventured with Artisan Spirits into premium grape brandies with JANUS and J in 2016; mid of 2017 has witnessed a giant step from Sula into the world of spirits as it launched its first whiskyEclipse.

Nick Pringle, Chief Operating Officer, Sula

Nick Pringle, Chief Operating Officer, Sula

To create these new milestones for the company, the management at Sula has chosen a new CEO almost a month before the launch of Eclipse. A thorough sportsman, professional cricketer between 1986-1991: Nick Pringle, Chief Operating Officer, Sula seemingly was very well briefed about the aggressive expansion path Sula will move ahead on! “India is a very young and dynamic market. It has immense potential to grow in the wine sector and the enthusiasm, with great people that Sula possesses is infectious! Despite barriers, Sula entered the wine industry here in India and carved a niche for itself as both, the best and leading wine company. Sula recognized the changing industry trends and launched Sula Selections and Artisan Spirits to diversify itself, becoming a genuine front runner in the industry. I am proud to be associated with a brand that has turned things around for the industry altogether and look forward to creating more milestones for us to achieve together,” Pringle said on his appointment.

A month later speaking on occasion of the launch of new whisky from house of Sula, Pringle, said, “With the launch of Eclipse, we are now the first Indian wine business to foray into the whisky segment which is typically in keeping with Sula’s pioneering spirit. It is brand new territory for us and we are excited to break new ground by introducing our first ever whisky into the market under Sula’s Artisan Spirits – subsidiary company. Eclipse is exquisite in the way that it exemplifies the unique French spirit making heritage and couples it with the infusion of premium quality Scotch as well as grain while maintaining our natural expertise in selecting the best Indian grapes. The blending team has put in painstaking efforts into the creation of Eclipse and we are certain that consumers will appreciate its quality above all.”

No doubts that the oak casked aged Eclipse embodies the exceptional French spirit making heritage and the expertise of Sula in selecting the best Indian grapes. Premium quality Scotch and then of course premium grains goes in to the produce of this all new whisky too. Eclipse from the House of Sula, is made with a touch of grape spirit which is double distilled using a traditional French distillation process. The liquor is aged in ‘Limousine Oak Cask’ under the supervision of Artisan Spirit’s Master Blender Yogesh Mathur. The result is a whisky of exceptional smoothness with character of dried fruit, spices and vanilla. Eclipse comprises of premium ‘Malt Scotch’ from Scotland. The whisky is produced by Artisan Spirits, 100% subsidiary of Sula Vineyards.

Fredrik Oldne, Cecilia Oldne and Kavya Khurana

Fredrik Oldne, Cecilia Oldne and Kavya Khurana

According to Yogesh Mathur, Master Blender, Artisan Spirits, “It has been a meticulous task but was worth all the efforts! Our blending team has worked together to create a blend which gives a sweetness and ease on the palate accompanied by a fruity and smoky smooth finish that is traditional yet modern at the same time”

Here, Cecilia Oldne – Global Brand Ambassador at Sula added, “There is a reason to why our very first whisky was given the name Eclipse. The beautiful solar eclipse represents auspicious beginnings and enhances opportunities in life. It’s a big thing for us at Sula to enter the world of whisky and we’re super excited about it!”

Eclipse comes in an elegant bottle with a tamper proof cap and is available in 750 ml bottles at an approximate cost of INR 1395 in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, INR 1250 in Delhi and INR 790 in Pondicherry. In Goa, Daman and Silvassa, Eclipse retails at INR 750 and is available across leading outlets.

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