India Virtual Hospital a startup in Medical Value Travel

IVH to streamline medical travel experience in India

India is a leader in providing quality and affordable health care services to the world. Patients from United States of America, United Kingdom, Africa, and Middle East among many other diverse countries find India as preferred medical travel destination that offers best possible medical care and savings at the same time.

Here, India Virtual Hospital (IVH), a new Delhi based start-up in the medical value travel domain, is working on a firm resolve to serve as the best possible bridge among quality healthcare service providers and patients both domestic and overseas flying in to get treatment.  In a short period of time, IVH-led by Swadeep Srivastava as Founder and Managing Partner, has built an impeccable advisory panel of over 10 experience medical doctors, healthcare professionals, patient, that offers diversified experience in various medical fields including specialised fields of urology, cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, and oncology to name a few.

Indian yoga mascots to promote InternationalYoga Day 2017 has been a huge hit

Indian yoga mascots to promote InternationalYoga Day 2017 has been a huge hit

IVH is putting together a website of its own that presently seems to be in under development phase. Recently, on the eve of the third International Yoga Day, IVH had launched complimentary yoga packages for its international patients.

Commenting on the said initiative, Swadeep Srivastava, Founder & Managing Partner of India Virtual Hospital said, “India has emerged as one of the most popular destination for Medical travellers as because treatment quality in India is at par with the developed countries with comparatively  less cost. The medical tourism market of India is expected to be doubled by 2020 & yoga has the potential to play a big role in enriching the market. We from our end, creating awareness internationally & taking our Prime Minister’s vision to the next level, are introducing free Yoga Packages for international patients who register with us.”

Fortunately, doctors too are realising the benefits of yoga for better recovery and healthy mind. Hospitals too have introduced Yoga session for their patients, says Dr. S.C. Manchanda, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital, which conducts yoga session for their patients on regular basis, “Yoga is not just a practice for healthy lifestyle but is quite beneficial in recovery process after the treatment procedure. Other than communicable disease, this it is also the best preventive & therapeutic measure for healthy lifestyle. Yoga is also a natural anti-depression and helps in boosting mood of a patient who has just been recovered from some illness. Even Modern medicine has also confirmed that yoga does help patients during their recover process.”

In coming days Yoga will play a very integral part in our healthcare system as it is considered as therapy for preventive, therapeutic & recovery measure for a healthy lifestyle. Speaking on yoga as an integral part of health care, Dr. Sushant Srivastava, Director & Consultant Department of CTVS, B L Kapoor Hospital, New Delhi said, “Yoga is having an increasing role in our healthcare. It is having preventive as well as recovery value. Most of the super specialty hospitals have already introduced it and in coming days Yoga will definitely penetrate deeply into modern medicines because of its physical & mental advantages”.

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