Tea based online entrepreneurs finding new variants to reach tea lovers directly
Tea based online entrepreneurs finding new variants to reach tea lovers directly

Tea: Key to health and wealth

Digital India has opened avenues that earlier looked impossible! Modern retail was one such segment that was thought to have limited relevance and at no point seemed to be capable of ushering in a revolution of sorts for tea lovers. Today, tea lovers can avail choicest of fresh tea flavours at the door step and on top of it all it has brought in set of young entrepreneurs, who are making tea a new key to health and wealth.

Make-in-India got young tea based start-ups

Kaushal talks 'Make in India' tea revolution

Kaushal talks ‘Make in India’ tea revolution

For instance look at Kaushal Dugar, Founder & CEO of Teabox, a global direct-to-customer tea company, a Siliguri based start-up that caters to tea-lovers around the world. In its aim to become the first ‘Made in India’ consumer-focused global brand, it is taking a lot of innovative steps. “Tea, as a category has been neglected for years. The major players in category have generally favored volume over quality, pursued incremental improvements in features ignored the emotional aspects of their products and brands. The industry has, on the whole has been a little resistant to change, unlike coffee industry which has constantly evolved. And we are glad that Teabox is in some ways, playing the role of an agent of that much needed change,” says Dugar.

“Tea from Teabox is the freshest one may ever experience, since retaining the wholeness and integrity of the tea is a religion with us. Form, tenderness or sturdiness – depending on the kind of tea, the overall appearance of the leaf, its lustre, colour and fragrance, are also extremely important. We are right there, in the heart of tea growing country, our fulfilment centres in the midst of lush greenery, an extension of the gardens themselves. We use a combination of time worn and modern procedures. At the fulfilment centres the tea is cleaned and sorted manually. This cannot be stressed enough. Our tea is painstakingly checked over and over to get rid of dust, broken tea leaves damaged in transit, and critically- the barely visible bits of stalk (wood bits) that cannot be allowed to remain as they cause bitterness, and other impurities. We have on our team, tea planters with years of experience, who along with our house tea masters, help us with sampling, tasting and, finally, in the selection of the finest varieties of tea,” adds Dugar.

Tea variants to stay hydrated in Summer of 2017

Team-Monk wants to make new tea variants preferred choice of summers

Team-Monk wants to make its new tea variants preferred choice of summers

Another visionary player in this domain Ashok Mittal, Co-founder, Teamonk Global has ambitious target for the ongoing summers. With the long, hot days of summer right around the corner, there is no better way to get through them than with a refreshing drink in hand, he believes. “Delicious and filled with plenty of nutritional benefits, a green tea is the perfect hydrating drink for this summer. To kick off the start of summer, TeamonkGlobal, an online tea shop that delivers, every single day, the finest of Indian teas handpicked fresh from the best tea plantations introduces new variants of green tea that includes, Sozen Orange Tea, Yoshin Lemon Green Tea and Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea,” said Mittal.

“Given the growing popularity of green tea in the India, this is the perfect summer to bring the distinct flavour and benefits of green tea to our consumers who want to quickly revitalise during the day. Hence, TeamonkGlobal offers delicious, simple blends of tea and natural fruit flavours. Our new Green Tea Citrus products with even more antioxidant properties are great additions to our line of refreshing teas and are the perfect complement to our customers’ daily routines. For instance, Sozen Orange tea brings power of orange combined with green tea that makes it a strong antioxidant source with a great citrus taste & freshness. Likewise, in Yoshin Lemon Green Tea natural lemon peel is added to achieve a perfect balance of green tea and citrus, this tea is perfect at any time of day. While, Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea with a mildly tannic flavour, and subtle hints of lemon, this tea is a perfect complement to any occasion,” added Mittal.

e-Tea-retailers eye funding to grow

Rupali Ambegaonkar, CEO, TCW

Rupali Ambegaonkar, CEO, TCW

Six year old, Tea Culture of the World (TCW) promises to brew tea with consummate dose of passion and endeavours to provide antidotes to hectic urban lifestyles and create a healthy and stimulating culture with the help of a refreshing cup of tea– which comes in myriad varieties like White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong, Floral, Rooibos, Mate and exclusive blends like Rose Romance, Strawberry Farm, Apple Cinnamon Duet, Lemon Verbana, Fruit Bliss, Calming Chamomile, Kashmiri Kahwa, Mango Mania and many more.

The products of TCW has received acceptability in the market with sales increasing 5 times over the years, asserts, Rupali Ambegaonkar, CEO, TCW . “We are now a 6-year-old contemporary tea brand that brings together finest whole leaf teas and exotic blends from India and around the world. From bringing in 1 store in  2014, 13 for the financial year 2015 – 16,  to now 20 outlets in five cities – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi, our company has grown by 500% Y-O-Y. TCW is currently planning to raise around 3 Million USD to strengthen its online operations and expand its network across modern trade outlets from external investors. We are determined to add new impetus in product variations, packaging & accessories, while our reach expands further  to 40 outlets across three more cities in India- Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad and in Africa and UAE,” adds Ambegaonkar.

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