Wisely chosen and used Handbag can save one from  pain in shoulder, elbow and neck
Wisely chosen and used Handbag can save one from pain in shoulder, elbow and neck

Inappropriate handbags for women is an invitation to unending sufferings

Love to flaunt designer handbags on a flexed or folded elbow? Be careful as it may let you end up with a sore neck, shoulder or elbow. This fashion statement aka elbow arm -hook -crook attitude sported by many Hollywood as well as Bollywood icons can be carried on days when you don’t have to hang it either for long or if it weighs light.. else repercussions may prove heavy.

Large tote bags are in vogue at present. These days a women bag carries lots of thing from tiny vanity items to heavy laptops or even an extra pair of clothes (gyming time). A bag, these days, is a personal extravaganza.

Therefore hanging them on a folded elbow adds to the miseries.

Handbag should add to style and comfort. Pic Courtesy- Baggout

Handbag should add to style and comfort. Pic Courtesy- Baggout

Hanging a heavy bag on an arm puts excessive weight over and over again can take a toll of muscles and result in pain around shoulder, elbow. And just that as major muscles originate around elbow, the pain may spread to wrist as well. To elaborate a few hazards like muscle spasms, tendinitis  at shoulder (injury to rotator cuff muscles) and elbow (golfer or tennis elbow) as it causes repetitive cumulative trauma to the muscles.

Not just those huge tote bags, even holding a smart tiny clutch tightly throughout the day can cause numbness and paraesthesias (tingling) all hand.

In initial stage, the pain may be felt temporarily only but if intervention isn’t sought, pain may persist throughout the day. It may become so excruciating that it may hinder your participation in each and every task. Prolonged used, if continues can make subtle unwanted changes in the posture as well that may alter the normal contours/curvature of the spine such as postural scoliosis, kyphosis. Shoulders may also drop down, appear round instead of broad

Though intervention is possible, but precautions are always better than cure. Many options are available for treatment like fluidotherapy, hot water fomentation, so many exercises (depending upon the cause) and splinting . If you want to know more about it, do ask our expert at prowellnessindia.com.

So does this means to get rid of those fancy bags in the wardrobe. We don’t suggest so. The key is to pick your bag wisely depending on the mood and work to be done in that particular day.

Like choose a backpack with weight distributed over both the shoulders when to carry heavy weight like on a presentation. The weight of bag in itself should be light (for example a leather bag will always be heavier even if empty). Place your bag over a table or floor to let your muscles relax in between. And last and not the least use the longer and broader shoulder strap and stay on looking gorgeous with the dazzling bag.

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  1. Nice article , spreading awareness among the modern ladies today. It’s very necessary to take care n choose bag which won’t harm you in longterm n side by looking fab while carrying bags in fashion 😊 wish u all the best

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