GIPMER nurses interactive meet on 18 April 2017
GIPMER nurses interactive meet on 18 April 2017

Nurses @ GIPMER shows the way to collaborate for India’s Healthcare needs

GB Pant nurses interactive meet

Nursing Superintendent Uma addressing the GIPMER interactive meet for nurses

Nurses play a vital role in all aspects of healthcare, be it national health campaigns like polio eradication, mid-wife services and community education. Their level of commitment and care are much valued in both urban and rural areas, including remote areas of the country.

Their contribution is critical in the achievement of the nation’s healthcare goals. Their inputs into health sector policies are equally important for they help in creating the necessary supportive work environment for their practice.

A full house at @GB Pant nurses interactive meet

A full house at @GIPMER nurses interactive meet

No doubts, there is need of enhancing quality of nursing education and creating paths for professional advancement in line with national, regional and global health needs.

New technologies are now available for monitoring progress in all aspects of training and capacity building.

Going forward, training and capacity building in this field will require new levels of innovation and leadership. In the year 2016, the International Council of Nurses had chosen: “Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving health systems’ resilience” as there annual theme.

Developing resilient health systems is a key to realise the United Nation’s Millennium Developmental Goals. Emerging global threats such as microbial resistance, new pandemics, infections, and natural disasters have added to the pressure and demands on healthcare services.

Building synergies @GB Pant nurses interactive meet

Building synergies @GIPMER  nurses interactive meet

The services of nurses are crucial for a response system that a government creates to meet these challenges. Realising the importance of collaborating with the best of serving and retired professionals in this field Nurses @ GIPMER organised a get together in the GB Pant Auditorium and coherently pool the experiences of the best of the brains in this field to to collaborate for India’s Healthcare needs.

The discussions involved nurses, who had also roped in a doctor to deliberate on building synergies in a better manner as to more effectively provide medical care to the patients and make dream of our prime Minister to ensure affordable and effective healthcare reaches one and all!

The GIPMER interactive meet for nurses also had a well organised infotainment quotient that entailed a wonderful cultural program by the in-house team.

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