2nd April is International Autism Awareness Day
2nd April is International Autism Awareness Day

Early intervention key to autism care

World over there is growing consensus that the the most potent tool to effectively manage autism is to begin early. Autism that comes under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders is no longer an alien term. With constant and endless efforts to promote more awareness about the signs, symptoms associated with it and the fact that these can be managed with adequate therapy has made it a little less dodgy. The said sentiment is palpable today on the international Autism awareness day 2017 as the world goes blue in line with the UN’s theme. For the uninitiated, international Autism day is observed globally on the 2nd April every year.

All over the world this year also different organizations have come up with varied themes to observe autism awareness day. UN has come forward with “Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination”. This theme aimed at putting forth some serious considerations and discusses policies or approaches being implemented with regard to guardianship and the path to self-determination and legal capacity of persons with autism.

Kids learn as they play

Kids learn as they play

In India there are high hopes from the indigenously built scale for assessment of Autism (ISAA), an Indian scale. It has given guidelines to paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and few other professionals to ease diagnosis and certification of an autistic being. Above all, it reflects the the push for enhancing awareness about autism.

In fact, the Ministry of social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJ&E ) has already conducted two workshops to train Professionals as Master Trainers for using INCLEN Tools on children affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) The second said workshop was recently inaugurated by Thaawarchand Gehlot, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment and was organised by the National Trust, a statutory body under the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), MoSJ&E.

Autism-Europe an international association with the objective to advance the rights of people with autism and their families and to help them improve their quality of life have come up the theme “Break barriers together for autism – Let’s build an accessible society”.

The National Autistic Society, UK is observing an entire autism awareness week to raise money and awareness so that as many people as possible learn about autism until everyone understands.

An early start to intervention can yield wonderful results for the child and hence parents. A timely intervention can help in almost all areas of living be it doing daily living tasks like brushing, bathing, dressing and so forth. Not just that, fruits of a timely intervention can also be gauged with commendable performance at school also.

With so much awareness around everywhere and meaningful intervention options available, there is increased knowledge amongst parents. Parents can now better understand the symptoms and pick signs shown by an autistic child. So there is no need to be terrified with autism, as help is at hand for hollistic Autism care with very effective intervention.

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