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Amazon a laggard in India, fakes delivery status?

In digital India, one should adopt to the digital payments platforms, but deal with online shopping giants at ones own peril! The attraction of relatively discounted rates can be a major hazard and go on to become a ground for suffering deficiency in services, harassment and unending inconvenience. It was a think tank event organised by the Hero Motor Corporation in 2016 ‘The MindMine Summit’, where the co-founder of an India based online retail platform made brilliant discourses on the future of online retail growth and todays in early 2017, but the same business leader is admitting to have committed accesses at times, when sailing was smooth.

Here, the US based relatively legacy player in the online domain, Amazon marketplace seemed to have advantage of time tested methodology to make rapid advances in one of Worlds fastest developing economies- India. But, then the weight of legacy can make a player get bury under its own weight. Perhaps that or absolute failure to read the Indian conditions seems to have made Amazon a laggard in the Indian market.

Here’s a narrative, or a case that showed how vulnerable consumer can be at hands of an online entity and in the present case at hands and mercy of Amazon. Readers can and should share if they think post reading this article that Amazon is seemingly a laggard in India built on all fake promises?

Is delivery a promise in online retail- Amazon  promises to kill joy! 

Everybody would have heard online retail giants talk of how the secondary markets, or non-metro markets is an engine of growth. It could well be in terms of bringing innocent consumers shop online. But, is delivery a promise in online retail? If Amazon can’t deliver goods according to promise schedule in India’s financial capital- Mumbai, where the delay can stretch to weeks  onwards, sure amazon has a promise to kill joy! I know of a single such incident, but if there is one such case in fastest Indian metropolitan, the efficiency of its customer service facilities also comes to reflect sub-standard performance, as a innocent consumer keeps struggling over chat session, while the products deliver still remains illusive.

Is it impossible to arrange for a voice based remedy at large Amazon?

The chat session are educative, but render no respite in case a consumer is struggling to trail an order. The staff are trained to chat, but seemingly there is no authority bestowed in them. The instance known to PWI-team, where a mobile got delayed for over a week (Count from 28 Feb 2017 till today that 7th of March 2017 (today) and still counting), the online chat squads at Amazon made assurances and tried getting in tough with its logistics partner- but to no avail! Its terrible condition for a consumer, who has made payment on basis of trust in an online shopping portal’s brand, being unaware of the delivery status and no human contact or a voice based resolution.

It seems like an online ponzi, where the consumer pays upfront and waits endlessly for the product so ordered. Manipulation is possible as the product’s prices vary. The vendor in this case has already benefited as the product has not been delivered and its prices has fallen. If the product was withheld with knowledge that prices are going to be reduced and hence supply the cheaper product after having sold it at a higher price. Competition Commission here needs to have a look at the malpractices prevalent in online marketplace like Amazon.

Can one plan gift option with online shopping 

Since the delivery is not assured and the online player can easily shun its liability, there is no point planning an surprise gift. The buyer in the instance mentioned though of gifting her little sister a mobile through the Amazon and made due payments with a prime deliver trial. The element of gift disappeared as soon as the parcel overstepped its scheduled slot on 1st March 2017. The status of product remained illusive on 2nd March 2017 and till date the delivery is not made. The service provider owes no responsibility and can’t be held reliable. Better, don’t plan gifts with online platform.

Are online platforms worth?  

Looking at the present instance, there is no point in planning shopping and assured delivery through online shopping as evident in this case with amazon-in. The cash on delivery mode is advisable as a sought after options, but than its reach is very limited. Seemingly, its better not to rely on such platform that are not accountable, or one would have to take such mighty recourse and suffer harassment, deficiency in services and  mental agony chasing the never-ending chase to determine the status of delivery of purchased goods till the joy of shopping is killed forever!

Its apparent that Jeffrey P. Bezos, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Amazon on its corporate websites lies, when he says that Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company! Likewise, seems to be the case with the averments made by its Indian Amit Agarwal, Country Head of Amazon India. In fact, the secret to making its website most visited could be the disgruntled consumers, who have no choice but to log on endlessly to chase the online purchase the unfortunately made with Amazon. The said experience is ridden with unfair practices and not good for consumer’s finances as it puts unwarranted stress, harassment, mental agony that’s not even good for wellness and good health.

The author takes responsibility unlike Amazon that all that has been reported is part of ongoing unending harassment, mental agony, deficiency in services being suffered at hands of the said online marketplace! Is it fair to hope and get feed feedback asking the consumer rights that Amazon respects or have inbuilt into system?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your such a bad experience with Amazon & awaring people to avoid e shopping on Amazon. We should take care in future to not to order products on Amazon. This is really a big step u took to share this bad experience as people nowadays leave n don’t complain at all. We hope that Amazon should apologise n get the product delivered ASAP.

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