For want of care at times need is of a well planned sensory diet
For want of care at times need is of a well planned sensory diet

Is ‘Sensory Diet’ must for every child?

Have you ever heard a ‘sensory’ diet to better organise nervous system- not yet! in this first of the series article attempts to highlight that the manner in which an optimum food intake is necessary to meet the essential nutrients that keeps our body at harmony with all the organs (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver etc) working in an orchestrated manner. Likewise, children whose nervous system is not able to organise properly gains from a sensory diet.

Sensory Diet is helpful with kids

Sensory Diet is helpful with kids

What is sensory diet?

It is a customised plan of certain activities that provide the necessary sensory input a person needs to stay focused and organised throughout the day.  Each one of us has sensory needs. Just to make it more clear, certain behaviours that one exhibit like chewing gum to stay awake while attending a class or a meeting. Another most common behaviour that most of us would have witnessed or seen people doing is rocking back and forth while trying to concentrate or focus more. Similarly infants, children and adults with mild to severe sensory issues benefits from a personalised sensory diet program.

“Sensory diet” term was coined by an Occupational therapist, Patricia Wilbarger. It is a carefully and scientifically designed program.

Need of a sensory diet

To simplify, consider our brain as an organ surrounded by wires all around. These wires continuously communicate, transferring messages to the target recipient to keep us alert. But in children, where these wires are tightly intertwined or loosely placed, need some bit of a sensory diet in order to keep themselves alert.

At times, we all engage ourselves in certain activities to keep our system awaken. So we end up doing thing to keep ourselves alert. Remember the tiny scolds that one got from our mothers for chewing or scratching a pencil over and over again. Likewise, these children appear lost in their world in pursuance of certain activities for the same reasons which appear bizarre.

Therefore, an Occupational Therapist is required that makes a customised sensory diet for the needy. Once a sensory diet is formulated, the child is at ease with oneself and ready to face the worldly challenges.

How an occupational therapist does so? And to know the three main focus sensations in such sensory diet planning read further posts on it


  1. Sensory diet?never ever heard before.the article is relevent in today’s sceanario bcz of d fact that parents dnt hv much time to give to thier kids.n hence kids are prone to behavioural problems..good one👏

  2. Nice article very correctly choosed to awake the parents in today’s busy lifestyle … Parents must be aware of these things for their kids sensory diet needs n must consult an occupational therapist.. Nice one … Keep going 👍

  3. Very nice article

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