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Health Ministry in digital India era launches app for Adolescent Health

Cabinet has approved the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018 to protect rights of women and children. Pic Courtesy- Unicef India

India is determined to make use of the Digital India means to ensure health awareness reaches its masses across the country be it urban set-ups or rural areas. India is home to 253 million adolescents which is largest in the world in terms of absolute numbers and central to policy making so as to ensure health issues doesn’t hinder India’s ...

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India is awakening to health benefits of Olive Oil: Bhasin

India has low per capita Olive Oil Consumption

There is a growing interest among 1.25 billion Indians to lead a healthy life and hence they all are seemingly keen on deriving health benefits from all possible day to day chores. Cooking Oil is one such ingredient that Indian households are aware can be a transformative force. Here, Rajneesh Bhasin, President, Indian Olive Association and MD, Borges India has ...

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India sweetens E-Visa facility with a pre-loaded Sim Card

India stands for absolute safety of tourists (Pic- Courtesy-GoIndia)

Notwithstanding the media bashing, India at its core with the inherent ethos of Athiti Devo Bhava (Guest is God) has undertaken another path breaking initiative to reinforce its commitments to ensure that India is absolutely safe and welcoming destination! Mahesh Sharma,Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Tourism and Culture, launched the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India ...

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Developmental issues and symptoms with kids in formative days

Child playing artistic impressions with clay

The formative years in lives of children are the building block that sets the foundation of a happy and meaningful life-cycle. These years are joyful for parents, who labour hard to put everything together to ensure that their respective children grow-up in most health and holistic manner. However, it not uncommon among parents to slightly negligent and inadvertently commit mistakes ...

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How kids master the art of fine balance?

Kids have own way to learn balance

Finding the right balance between work, life, parents, spouse, friends is not a easy task. This battle continuous throughout ones life. But, has one ever felt curious about the manner a toddler learns to graduate from crawling to balance oneself on its feet, or while sitting. Having learned about the tactile and proprioception in the earlier posts, it’s time to ...

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India and U.K. deal open skies to code-sharing, more flights 

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju with his British counterpart during signing of MOU to further open skies between most Indian and British cities

The BREXIT is on the top watchlist of all nations, corporates and other stakeholders keen to know the repercussions this transition, wherein Britain formally exits from European Union. This deal is not easy to come by, as both the stakeholders have to protect their stakes and may have divergent sets of demands and expectations from each other. While, the said ...

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Swings are fun and also handy to treat vestibular stimulus in children

Suffering falls and learning to rise and balance better is all about healthy kids

In India there is a old saying that children learn to grow with falls they suffer! In many ways, the saying is correct, even when one grows up and the fall shifts from playgrounds to corporate world. Here in the fifth article in this series,  having learned about the tactile and proprioception in the earlier posts, it’s time to learn ...

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Kids with misplaced sense of proprioception tend to get fussy, vulnerable to injuries

OT intervention helps attain sense of precopception Pic courtesy: Isha Foundation

Importance of experiencing a touch (tactile) sensation and organising those stimuli meaningfully as well as appropriately is the key to function optimally for kids. If not organised properly, it may hamper functioning or participation of a child with sensory processing disorders in few or more activities of daily living like brushing, bathing, wearing clothes, grooming etc. It may manifest in ...

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Pro-conservation Kaziranga witnesses increase in Rhino population

One Horned baby and mother Rhinoceros at Kaziranga National Park

In the ongoing conflict between man and animal in terms of rightful occupation of the natural habitat, conservation often takes a backseat! But, the Indian state of Assam has not let such analogy malign its one of the world renowned national park. No doubts, poaching of Rhinoceros in Kaziranga at one time was a big menace due to astronomical increase ...

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Jammu and Kashmir set to become wellness paradise of the world

MOT, J&K and NBCC, NPCC sign tripartite MoU

Known as the paradise of the world, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is now all set to dawn the new title of also being the wellness paradise of the world. The foundation of this transition has been set with a Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for implementation of Tourism projects in Jammu and Kashmir signed among Ministry of Tourism, NPCC ...

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Andhra Pradesh hunts for world travel market at Madrid roadshow

Andhra Pradesh 2017 Madrid Roadshow for high end tourists and investors

Eyeing a jackpot in terms of attracting high end foreign tourists, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh organised a roadshow one the sidelines of the FITUR 2017 travel mart in Madrid, Spain. The Sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh is blessed with some of the finest tourist destinations in India, and is also known as the land IT and technology under ...

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Kids with sensory processing disorders are hyper-meticulous about touch sensation?

Exploring basic sensations and its affect: Tactile (touch)

Many tiny receptors over and deep inside our skin help us understand the nature of the article that comes in contact. Not just that the temperature of that thing and also if that stimulus is painful or not, if it can be touched the same way the next time in the same manner or needs to be taken special care ...

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