Helmet diving and island oping in Mauritius aired on Indian television in Jan 2017
Helmet diving and island oping in Mauritius aired on Indian television in Jan 2017

Mauritius ‘Behad’ Advantage in India

Female Protagonist of STE serial 'Behad' in Mauritius

STE’s Female Protagonist in ‘Behad’ @ Mauritius

Mauritius had been making a lot of news in India. The recent modified DTAA treaty India resigned with Singapore got the mainline press highlighting how the prospects of attracting foreign direct funds will get a boost due to a remunerative cost structure that favours Mauritius. In its quest for attracting high end tourist from India, Mauritius if likely to benefit from its destination’s presence in an ongoing television drama series revolving a compulsive entrepreneur, who had fallen for her colleague in office. The crew of the serial called ‘Behad’ on Sony Television shot a sequence underwater and highlighted the splendid option of island hopping in country that has magnificent natural beauty.

Glance at Mauritius Tourism Statistics 2015

1,151,252 tourist arrivals were recorded during the year.

The principal tourist markets were France (22.1%), Reunion Island (12.5%) and United Kingdom (11.3%).

The average length of stay of a tourist was 10.6 nights.

Gross earnings from tourism amounted to Rs 50,191 million.

There were 115 hotels in operation with a total room capacity of 13,617 and a total bed capacity of 28,732. Total room and total bed occupancy rates of all hotels were 70% and 63% respectively.

Noticeably, after Bollywood movies India television has emerged as one of important medium to highlight foreign destination and build awareness among masses about the various travel attractions in the respective destination. Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and many other destination have all benefited from the presence in Indian television. Hopefully, destination Mauritius will also benefit and give another reason other than honeymooning, which is to come and purpose in ideal serene, beautiful and happening islands here in Mauritius, as depicted in the said tele serial- Behad. India is one of top 10 source markets for Mauritius.

Back in Mauritius is Prime Minister, Anerood Jugnauth, on the occasion of New Year 2017 highlighted the positive side of the Mauritian national economy that will undergo a positive boost in 2017 with various projects that will kick off in the building sector along with the Metro express and other projects identified under the Road Decongestion Programme and the construction of four Smart Cities. “Economic growth has increased from three percent in 2015 to 3, 6% in 2016. He expressed confidence that in the wake of the upcoming projects in 2017, the second economic miracle is well underway,” he said.

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius is favourite among all tourists and is the country’s economic, cultural, political centre as well as the most populous city. The Seven Coloured Earths located in the Chamarel plain also attracts lots of tourists and same is the pull of Le Morne Cultural Landscape: Monument of Nature and UNESCO world heritage site located on the South Western tip of Mauritius. One can look out for world class shopping experience, medical tourism, golf, nature treks, dolphin watching, sea exclusion, under water adventure, state-of-the-art spa and wellness experience in Mauritius.


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