Opt for injury free fitness/wellness in 2017 not this
Opt for injury free fitness/wellness in 2017 not this

Gyms, fitness centres must talk safety first approach

The fitness quotient is on rise in India with more number of people hitting the gyms and more number of gym chains is setting their feet strong. Gyms are offering different packages best suited for the clientele making fitness even more interesting. Being fitter is one agenda on the priority list of resolutions as we just welcomed the New Year 2017.

Apart from giving a better and healthier bodies, fitness contributes to our overall wellness. Wellness is a state of being in harmony in all possible aspects; physical, mental and social.

yogaYoga has been so innate to us and thanks to yoga guru Ram Dev and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for getting its long pending acknowledgement globally. Hydro (Water) based activities has gained popularity amongst the youth. The innumerable benefits of getting a total body workout via swimming are also accounted. But this generation wants something newer and intriguing to keep motivation high.

Therefore, the fitness business players are coming up with more fascinating ways to cater the fitness trend. Zumba, an excellent way to enhance flexibility, cardiac efficiency, especially for those who admire dancing.

Functional fitness is still something not offered at all gyms. It is basically a holistic way to strengthen the group of muscles most often used in day to day life. Every day enthralling ways to fitness are coming up. The fitness players are also coordinating with the nutritionists to get the most positive results.

artificially made made protein powders and black coffee:a big no

Artificially made protein powders may result in hormonal imbalances

Trainers often promote a high protein and a low carbohydrate diet among the fitness freaks without sighting their side effects. Another common mention is taking black coffee neglecting the harmful ulcers that can occur in gastrointestinal tracts. Not just protein powders, use of fat burners for quicker weight lose are also insanely advocated at gyms. These can lead to serious medical complications.

Black coffee may cause ulcers

Black coffee may cause ulcers

Importance of warm up and cool down periods is underrated. Injuries often occur due to high repetitions not allowing muscles to relax in between. To get fast results people, at times push themselves to limits that body cannot bear it. In past years, not very far, few instances came up where a middle aged person, regular with his exercise regime suffered a massive cardiac arrest soon after reaching back home from an in-house gym. Such accidents were reported not only from India but abroad as well. Always remember: excess of everything is bad.

Trainers though present at most of the good gyms are not necessary professionally trained. Likewise, the prevention from the workout injuries is one crucial aspect which still has not been taken into serious consideration.

Even during workouts, proper biomechanical principles must be followed especially during lifting and other strengthening exercises. Shoulder, back, knee and ankle injuries are some undesirable byproducts if these principles are not followed. To elaborate, there is there always remain a high possibility of injuring neck, shoulder joints while doing a bench press.

avoid neck and back pains while performing pilates

Avoid neck and back pains while performing pilates

In women, pilates is a preferred method activating core (trunk) muscles. These are one of the best ways of getting a firm core, again, if done properly. Else it becomes a cause of aching backs and other back problems. Hyperextending the neck is another compensation made by the beginners or at times when taking oneself to the next higher level. Oouch! Pain can be excruciating and causing spasm around neck.


Do's and Don't s in a squat

Do’s and Don’t s in a squat

Similarly great precautions are to be taken while doing squats. Most of the fitness freaks forgets to keep their back erect while doing it, ending with a knee pain that bothers throughout the day or even more if the injury is severe.

This New Year, pledge with www.prowellnessindia.com to strive for injury free fitness and wellness. All are invited!

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