Tips on healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with hand activities

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) causes parasthesias (abnormal sensations) and weakness in wrist and hand resulting in an inability to work or even sleep. CTS has been elaborated in our previous post (check out http://prowellnessindia.com/2016/12/16/excess-of-social-networking-computers-can-lead-to-painful-sleepless-nights/). The main culprit is an increased pressure in the carpal tunnel. There can be many other conditions, apart from working excessive on computers and laptops that may precipitate CTS like pregnancy, arthritis etc.

In this second post, let us move on to some activities that may be helpful in healing pain due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

It is always good to get relieve through simple movement. So we start with the most simple activity in a step by step format.

  • Shaking hands may give some relieve
  • Bending the wrist in forward and backward direction with elbow resting on a table top.
  • A weight can be gradually added to strengthen the muscles.
  • A soft spongy ball can be placed in hand and squeezed gently holding at extreme positions
  • Tendon gliding exercise can be executed if broken into smaller steps to understand like

Starting with a straight handcts_straighthand

Hooked fingers cts_hook

Duck fist  cts_duck

Straight fist  cts_straight

Full fist  cts_complete

  • Median nerve gliding: From a fisted hand, bring hand in straighten position (wrist neutral, fingers out and thumb by the side of index finger). While extending the wrist, turn the forearm away from body giving a gentle pull to the thumb.


  • Another method can be performed where the sequence start with the position of hand right across the chest with the elbow folded. Slowly straighten out the elbow, wrist and hand turning away from the body. From the straight position, bring the elbow, hand and fingers on the sideways and finally turn your head away from the arm

The entire sequence has to be done in a smooth and continuous way when performed. Usually 10 repetitions in sets of 3 are recommended. These activities are helpful even if undergone a decompression surgery though dosage my vary. Surgery is always a last resort to any condition. It is always judicious to take timely intervention to avoid reaching that stage.

A resting hand splint can be worn in the night as the pain usually bothers more in the night time. Also, many ergonomic modifications are available in the market these days like using a negative slope keyboard that keep the wrists in the neutral position instead of the conventional ones in which the wrists have to be kept in extended position aggravating the symptoms. Though more researches are needed to establish whether these changes render any positive change as these doesn’t find any strong evidences as of now.

The above exercises are being explained by a rehabilitation specialist. The readers are advised to send any query at prowellnessindia@gmail.com as we always advocate to get the maximum return and accurate activities.

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  1. Thanks for tbe remedial article ..hekpful for those who suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome.keep posting.

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