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Bollywood has many shades as it churns out millions of movies every year. A week ago many Bollywood analysts were busy counting kisses in a movie called Befikre, who now would be talking women empowerment with Aamir Khan’s Dangal opening up at the box office today.  But if you see from a different perspective, Bollywood has churned out some inspiring movies highlighting diseases and its effective rehabilitation.dearzindagi_dangal

blackFor instance, Amitabh Bachhan and Rani Mukherjee starer Black was a huge hit that depicted that the immense potential of human life must be explored and channelized to accomplish the challenges of life which increases manifolds if a child is born has special needs. The movie very rightly showcased the very obvious reaction of the parents, either to neglect or accept their perceived notion that the child is a burden and has no future. How the life changes on meeting one right person (therapist) that can shape life so beautifully.

Also, the perfectionist of the Bollywood industry, Aamir khan did a beautiful job in the film Taare Zameen Par. It is even more difficult to accept a problem tzpwhich is not so overt. In the film, the character, Ishant is shown a normal looking child who is notorious in school spending more time outside the class rather than being with the other pupils. Coping with a nagging father, friends and pears, with the mother as the only pillar of support in the said movie, which seemingly was helpful for bringing to light the plight of other children suffering from learning disability and autism. Though intervention (or treatment) from a skilled professionals like occupational therapists and special educators, who caters to the needs of such children. However, the movie has shown part and bits of sensory integration therapy that Aamir implements like drawing different figures on sand and later on own body parts etc.

ghajinimgnmLikewise, his effort in film Ghajini, where he flaunted a hair style (post surgery), camera and tattoos became a rage in youngster. But here the pain and efforts to remember his identity, his sole reason to live touched hearts of many at the same time. Anupam kher’s unforgettable performance as a schizophrenic in Maine Gandhi ko Nahi Mara was bang on. It is very difficult to understand hallucinations, or to be a subject to perceiving things, people or situations which are not real. On a lighter note, Sanjay Dutt aka Munna Bhai called it chemical locha. But hallucinations are not something that can be taken lightly as it’s a symptom that cast the shadow of an impending doom.lrmb

Work related stress and mental health disorders are no longer uncommon. Recent movie Dear Zindagi wonderfully portrayed the extent to which an unwanted life experience can alter the psyche of an individual and the impact can be so deep and everlasting. SRK came as a real surprise, from a obsessive lover in Darr to a therapist in his latest avatar . The k.k.k.kkkk…kiran had send chills down the spine of many female fans for long. He had worn many more different hats like an playing a person with asperger syndrome in My Name is Khan showcasing that these individuals can also lead a happy family life contrary to the cliché.darr


Fortunately, our government is taking many newer initiatives as there is a rise in mental health disorders.  In a private role, Actor Deepika padukone has come out with a platfform and shared her own story or taking an initiative with love live laugh website for helping others suffering from the depression or other mental health conditions. She undoubtedly has attempted to play a mascot throwing light on this silent killer. In Karthik calling karthik, she portrayed the extent to which these disorders can damage the relationships. The shackles extend to near and dear ones also.

Most loved light eyed hero, Hrithik Roshan played an individual suffering a very high level spinal cord injury. The film, Guzarish has amazingly picked up the ups and downs that he goes through in the movie. A scene shown in the film where he was not able to shoo away a houseful sitting on his nose right in the middle of eyes says aloud about the depth of the sufferings.guzarish

Like the old saying that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, the infotainment from cinema is different for different people. Hope that looking at the increasing instances of diseases and its life threatening consequences, Bollywood find entertaining, profitable and more meaningful avenues of highlighting the cure and rehabilitation benefiting its mass based audiences.


  1. This is really good article..bcz most of the times bollywood deals with only love issues or stories revolving around same old topics which can give huge business..Time is changing and viewers too want change..bravo fr bringing up such topic..was written in lighter vein which makes it interesting one.

  2. It’s very nice article , keep it up for bringing such a topics in light which are usually ignored in the soceity nowadays. It’s a very important need of the hour to educate people about the special needs of kids & deal them with love.

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