Safeguard against growing health hazards @ workplace
Safeguard against growing health hazards @ workplace

Safeguard against growing health hazards @ workplace

Work is any task that involves expenditure of energy in order to accomplish something. Therefore, it may not be remunerative every time. Things done simply for leisure or a mere responsibility also are work. Like a mother looking after a child or a homemaker taking care of the house is work. A healthy work environment is a mandate for getting maximum productivity as is working habits.

Watch Out there may be severe threats to your health due to inappropriate environment at workplace. Occupational hazards: Any potential risk, at workplace, that can cause any harm to the person performing it, leading to any degrees of harm can be called an occupational hazard.

Common Workplace Hazards

Common Workplace Hazards

Hazards may arise due to improper:

  1. Safety: moving machinery, working at heights, slippery surfaces etc.
  2. Ergonomic: material handling, environment, work organization etc.
  3. Chemical Agents: lead, heavy metals etc.
  4. Biological Agents: virus, bacteria etc.
  5. Physical Agents: noise, lighting, radiation etc.
  6. Psychosocial: stress, violence, etc.

People performing repetitive tasks at work are at a higher risk of cumulative trauma disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome that has become a common occupational hazard these days and a result of working at a computer. Incorrect sitting or standing postures at workstations is a common found reasons that attribute to workplace injuries or illnesses. In fact, the term “workplace injuries” is not restricted to the people working outdoors in fields or corporate sector with mainly a sedentary work. It extent to any

At times the hazards can be so grave that it can affect any organ system in the body, like respiratory system etc..and can produce irreparable damages. For example: the technicians performing diagnostic tests that involve use of potentially hazardous radiations like X-rays are at a greater risk of cancers.

Workers are at greater risk of occupational hazards for a variety of reasons, like unfamiliarity with the potential hazards at work, not knowing about the importance of wearing personal protective equipment/s (PPEs).



Occupational therapy focusses on Occupational Health (it’s a multidisciplinary approach that aims at the recognition, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of work related diseases, injuries and other conditions).

The effective understanding of workplace injury and disease requires a full comprehension of the nature of work and the social, political and economic context of the workplace. Work is a necessary human activity and doing purposeful activity is the gist of occupational therapy. Therefore, finding an effective measure to combat it becomes the core of treating and preventing the occupational hazards.

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